Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8 Gamers

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8 Gamers | 3.91 Gb
Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8 Gamers is a modified Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8 is also the development of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat which has been modified with added software popular.

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8 provides the advantages of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat and also features a new open source application which pretty much included didistro, like Inkscape, Blender, OpenOffice, Gimp, IPOD and more popular applications on this distro and are also equipped with WIFI drivers more complete, without having to download again from the repository.

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8 Gamers can easily run multimedia video, DVD etc. without having to download codecs, because the Ultimate edition already installed the required codec.

This is Live DVD distro who also can be installed and installasinya was fairly easy simply by clicking the icon on the desktop install.

Ultimate Edition 2.8 also provides the latest version of the emulator PlayOnLinux make these distributions can run Windows games.

Ultimate Edition 2.8 Gamers Pack the myriad of games for Linux include:
· Armagetronad;
· Gunroar;
· Kobo Deluxe;
· Hedgewars;
· Pingus;
· Urbanterror;
· Bzflag;
· Gridwars 2;
· Chromium-BSU;
· Criticalmass;
· Assaultcube;
· Defendguin;
· Kapman;
· Frozen-bubble;
· Kblocks;
· Fretsonfire;
· Gtkboard games (32 board games);
· Vgacard games (4 card games);
· Warzone 2100;
· Barrage;
· Glest;
· Scorched3D;
· Enemy-territory;
· Boswars;
·-Orbital Eunuchs-sniper;
· Performous;
· Warsow.

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